Casanova Casting Couch is Back!

If you have been wondering where the cast of Casanova Casting Couch disappeared to, forget that thought and just be happy that Liz and Omaka are back!
Starting Monday, January 20 (also known and MLK Day), the film-loving crew will invade the airwaves on Fishbowl Radio Network’s “Talk Bowl” from 9-11pm CST. But there are a few changes the audience will appreciate.
CCC is happy to announce several new crew members that will make the show 100x more exiting. Devin Pike is a local entertainment writer, media champion and, recently, documentary filmmaker. Devin joins the team as a producer and co-host. Gadi Elkon is a blogger and culture guru. If you have a question about books, art or film, Gadi probably has the answer. Aurora Wiley is a talented Dallas musician who will bring local talent to the show for our special “Music Monday” corner.
Shows will be recorded and fans can listen on iTunes.
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