Summer Casting: "Best Of" Mixtape

What would a good radio show be without a mixtape? When I was a kid I thrived on on creating funky mixes for my friends. In the 80s it was self-expression at its finest.
The magic Couch audio editing elves stayed up all night to bring you a little bit of what we thought were some funny and engaging audio.
1. Casanova Casting Couch Intro (Liz Casanova)
2. FBRN Promo   (2:53)
3. Dr. Martin Luther King   (3:13)
4. Diversity   (3:55)
5. Vodka Feels Like Home   (5:09)
6. Somebody’s Darling   (6:29)
7. Michael DeVine Porn and Poppy Seeds   (8:18)
8. You Gotta Die Sometime   (10:51)
9. “Muppets” and “Enemy” Reviews with Gadi Elkon   (12:44)
10. Go See A Band Play   (18:22)
11. War Party at SXSW   (19:13)
12. Wilmer Valderrama Selfie   (20:23)
13. Ron Perlman Cannibal Joke   (20:00)
14. Ron Perlman in “13 Sins”   (22:15)
15. Goodnight with Goodnight Ned   (24:33)

Intro Music:
“Lazy Susan” – Craig Riley
“Exciting Race Tune” – Fred Biddulph

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