Casanova Casting Couch is a new and fresh show that focuses on the film, music and entertainment industry. Host Liz Casanova  started her podcast four years ago and is also a local film critic. Co-host Omaka Omegah is an actress, model, and producer. We also have several new additions. Devin Pike is a well-known entertainment reporter, sports nut, comic book nerd and media master. Gadi Elkon is the resident culture expert. Aurora Wiley is our resident rocker and Yoga chick.
Liz and Omaka met at a non-profit film production company three years ago and their friendship has survived reality-TV-sized drama. Liz is more introverted and has a dark sense of humor. Omaka is a socialite who attracts interesting characters throughout the BigD. Both media ladies love film.
On Casanova Casting Couch, the cast reviews films, interviews talent, and sprinkle a little gossip here and there. Monday nights from 9-11 belong to the film geeks, nerds, and die-hard enthusiasts.

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